Looking for strong, loyal and beautifully bred XL Bully companion with a stable and well socialized temperament? Look no further than Kingdom Bullies. We are a reputable and ethical breeder and experienced dog trainer of XL American Bullies. Our family owned and operated Bully kennel and training program is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our Bully puppies are available worldwide (anywhere the breed is not prohibited). Our training program can be seen on our viral social media channels. Feel free to follow our fun and informative journey on YouTube.


We are a family of dedicated dog trainers with a deep passion for the American Bully breed. My wife is a skilled professional obedience and protection trainer, and our teenage daughter, Alli, is eager to follow in her mother’s footsteps. ♥️ We have gorgeous XL and XXL American Bullies with excellent pedigrees hand selected from all over the country for traits such as beauty, temperament, and intelligence.

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If you are an owner of the American Bully breed, a Bully enthusiast, or just looking for training and health tips for any breed of dog – subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our family on a journey of fun and knowledge. 

Our Mission
Our goal is to transform XL American Bully breeding by emphasizing proper training and socialization, health, temperament, and breed type in our dogs. We're dedicated to offering more than just pets; we produce superior companions with the character that is suitable for a couch, the show ring, or in other respected breeding programs. We strive to uphold ethical breeding practices, prioritizing the well-being and quality of life of each American Bully puppy we produce.

Our dogs have top tier looks, temperament, and health. This ensures we produce the highest quality Bully puppies. If you are interested in a superior American Bully puppy from KBK, reach out no matter where you are located. Our puppies are available to homes worldwide!  We have easy American Bully puppy payment plans (financing) through Sweet Pay!

Check out our PUPPIES page to see if we have any available puppies. You can also visit our BREEDINGS page to see our planned litters and to reserve a spot. Thanks for your interest in our dogs, our Bully puppies, and our amazing training and breeding program. Check out some of our videos below